Hvalstrandfestivalen 2013

11 February 2013 // Filed under commando group

Vi kan endelig vise frem noen smakebiter av identitetsdesignet vi har gjort for Hvalstrandfestivalen! Her kommer det mye mer etterhvert. Foto av Mona Ødegård.

Hvalstrandfestivalen på Facebook.





2013-02-11  ::  Eivind

Brochmann on Perfume

4 January 2013 // Filed under commando group + illustration

D2 parfymeartiklene og illustrasjonene til vår venn Nesebjørn kan nå leses og beskues i et eget arkiv, som vil oppdateres jevnlig. Obligatorisk CMD+D brochmannonperfume


2013-01-04  ::  nico

Julekongen ident

3 December 2012 // Filed under commando group + illustration

Julekongen is NRK’s brand new childrens-tv Christimas calender. Commando Group was commisioned to develop the illustration style of the series, and have delivered illustrations and graphic elements to all the merchandise and spin-off products. The Julekongen ident is produced by NRK Super with Hilde Jørgenvåg and Jørn Veberg. Logo by Are Kleivan and illustrations by Bjørn Brochmann.


2012-12-03  ::  nico

12 hour drawing

30 October 2012 // Filed under analogue + animation + illustration + oldies but goodies

Eivind started this self-initiated project in 2007, which has since been featured in Lodown magazine #61 and recently the exhibition «Please Wait» in Oslo, 2012. A timelapse video is the most sensible way of telling the story of how the 12 hour drawings are made. Enjoy!



2012-10-30  ::  maria

I Belong Jarrow

6 August 2012 // Filed under commando group + design + photography




We are currently busy working on Chris Harrison’s latest book “I Belong Jarrow” which is to be published in September by Schilt, a renowned Dutch publishing house specializing in innovative photo books. The book contains quiet, beautiful and intimate pictures of places and people from Chris’ childhood in Jarrow, North East England. We are looking forward to see it finished, not only for the pictures: The book is to be printed on GF Smith’s Phoenix Motion with a rough cardboard cover and black linen spine.

If you are not familiar with Chris’ work, you can check out his webpages here. We are especially fond of his personal work. You should also stop by the “I belong Jarrow” Facebook page.



2012-08-06  ::  maria

Have a lovely summer!

29 June 2012 // Filed under commando group








2012-06-29  ::  nico

Outstanding cards

31 May 2012 // Filed under commando group + design + illustration

We are, as mentioned earlier, working on MonaMonaMonas visual profile,
and finally her new business cards are ready!

Mona is playful, edgy and colourful, and one of very few norwegian
photographers with expertice in 3D-photography.

We are now busy working on her new website and more fun stuff.

This outstanding gif-animation is of course made by MonaMonaMona herself.


2012-05-31  ::  Mari

M + M

19 April 2012 // Filed under commando group

Mona is chosen by Mette to shoot all of her lookbook pics for 2012.
Here are a few behind-the-scenes pics from their last shoot.

Mona Ødegård, photographer
Jannike, model
Birgitte Magnussen, hair and make-up
Mette Møller,  designer








2012-04-19  ::  nico

Make Food Not War

16 March 2012 // Filed under analogue + design + sketches + unpublished

We are currently working on a small visual profile for, a food blog run by Hanne Stensvold. Matmisjonen is Norwegian for the food mission.

We wanted to focus on food as delicious and nutritious, not “lo-carb”, “lo-fat” or “raw”. This lead us to the aesthetics of scandinavian illustrations from the fifties and sixties; appetising and positive, as well as charming. We turned food and kitchen utensils into missionaries spreading the glad tidings of cooking.

The new design will be launched at the end of the month. In the meantime, here is a sneak preview on some of the sketches.




2012-03-16  ::  Katinka

Marius Got it Bagged

22 February 2012 // Filed under commando group + photography

Marius has shot this article on the Simone Handbag Museum, featured in “Issue zero” of the new fashion publication Archivist.



Get the Magazine: Antenne Books


2012-02-22  ::  nico